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Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference – VNITO 2015

(VNITO – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 15 October 2015) – Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference (VNITO 2015) officially opens today, Thursday, 15 October 2015 at the Reverie Saigon (Times Square) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and it summits for two days (Oct 15-16). This event attracts nearly 400 local and international business leaders, government representatives, entrepreneurs, education representatives; of which there are approximately 100 potential international investors/vendors from US, Japan, Europe, Australia, Korea, Singapore, etc. The conference also has the participation of reputable senior experts from IDG, Gartner, KPMG, McKinsey who will be offering highly credential data to the audience. In addition, more than 50 media attend as reporters, partners, sponsors the event. Importantly, VNITO 2015 accommodates a significant number of B2B opportunities and direct sales, as well as direct networking.

Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference – VNITO 2015

Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) and Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA) have co-organized the Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference (VNITO 2015) under the endorsement and strong support by Ministry of Information & Communications, HCM City People’s Committee, HCM City Information and Communication Department; 20 high-profiled members of VNITO Advisory Board, and 15 top software outsourcing companies in Vietnam.

Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long, CEO of QTSC – Head Organizer of VNITO 2015, addressed in the opening speech for the VNITO 2015:

“VNITO 2015 takes place right at the time the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement remarkably achieved among the 12 participating countries. With a market of 800 million people, TPP would help Vietnam’s software enterprises expanding their business to new markets. Through the agreements on TPP network access for telecommunications, TPP e-commerce, free flows of labors, etc… Vietnamese enterprises do enjoy huge benefits from the TPP agreement especially when China, India are not playing in the TPP”.

“However, TPP also creates challenges is the rule of the game with international rules that are harsher than those at the WTO, especially full compliant in intellectual property, incentives to attract top-quality human resource. One of the solutions that is through VNITO 2015 help software outsourcing companies in Vietnam to engage with each other, to strengthen links and supporting market development and to develop effective information sharing and help put Vietnam on the World Map of Offshore Development”, Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long mentioned.

Mr. Vu Anh Tuan, General Secretary HCMC Computer Association (HCA), Deputy Head organizer of VNITO 2015, said: “For the first time the IT Outsourcing (ITO/BPO) enterprises in Vietnam; international and local IT associations have been in cooperation with QTSC, HCA to organize such an event like VNITO 2015 – The biggest conference for IT outsourcing in Vietnam. After nearly 15 years of successful development and getting the maturity, Vietnam software outsourcing industry has been growing rapidly as an emerging IT outsourcing destination. In 2015, Tholons, a leading strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and research, ranks Ho Chi Minh City 18th  and Hanoi 20th among top 100 most attractive cities for software outsourcing in the world. Also, Vietnam tops global outsourcing location index for first time in business process outsourcing (BPO), according to the latest research by the global real estate advisor Cushman & Wakefield”.

Mr. Vu Anh Tuan underlined that the conference targets to boost the development of IT and business process outsourcing, put up both short-term and long-term demands to improve Vietnam IT outsourcing, enhance Vietnam’s trustworthiness as an outsourcing destination, propose solutions to accelerate promotion activities, training, human resources development, investments in infrastructure and telecom that support the development of software outsourcing business. Vietnam, being a very attractive software outsourcing destination as well as an alternative to India (India +1), is  among the top 5 outsourcing countries in the world (except for India), consisting of China, Russia, Poland, Argentina and Vietnam.

Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference – VNITO 2015 is an opportunity to promote your company image and seek IT outsourcing potential clients in Vietnam as an emerging IT outsourcing destination. With the participation of 400 local and international business leaders, government representatives, entrepreneurs, media and education representatives, of which there are approx. 100 potential international participants from US, Japan, Europe, Australia, Korea, Singapore, etc., VNITO 2015 becomes the biggest IT outsourcing conference of its kind ever in Vietnam. 

VNITO 2015 invites reputable speakers from Gartner, KPMG and more than 30 local and international senior experts in ITO/BPO to present a variety of topics, such as: the Future of Offshore IT Outsourcing in Vietnam; Vietnam IT Outsourcing  2015 Survey;  Software Outsourcing to Vietnam: Capabilities and Competencies; Lessons learned about workforce and talent development in Vietnam, the trend of new technologies (IoT, Big Data, Mobile, Cloud…); and especially valuable experience from foreign investors in Vietnam through their proven success stories.

VNITO 2015 also offers highly credential data from IDG, Gartner, KPMG, McKinsey… as well as providing statistics and in-depth discussions in the field of ITo/BPO. VNITO 2015 accommodates lots of B2B matching, cooperation, investment opportunities and direct networking.

Prior to the conference summit, promotion and pre-event programs have been proceeded nationwide in HCMC, Danang, Hanoi; and abroad in US, Japan, Singapore, Korea, etc. This is also the first an international conference is held to promote Vietnam’s IT outsourcing industry on a large scale that received very positive and valuable support  by Vietnam Software Association (VINASA); Da Nang Software Enterprise Association (DSA); other provincial IT/software associations; universities and colleges offering IT programs; local and multinational ITO/BPO companies and corporations.

Vietnam Outsourcing Excellence Award 2015

A celebration for Vietnam IT Outsourcing Excellence Award 2015 will take place in the framework of Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference (VNITO 2015). More than 30 Vietnam ITO/BPO enterprises will be recognized and honored gorgeously through a professional appraisal and selection process. The Award Council consists of local and international experts in the industry,  including independent experts and representatives from the international organizations and associations such as KPMG, HITECHA, EUROCHAM, AMCHAM, CANCHAM, HCA.

Total of 33 premium awards for IT outsourcing enterprises in 03 categories:

  • Top 10 IT Outsourcing Enterprises: 10 companies
  • Leading IT Outsourcing Enterprises: 14 companies
  • Emerging IT Outsourcing Enterprises: 9 companies

The total revenue generated by the award winners is of VND 5,460 billion, of which the revenue by Top-10 Outsourcing Enterprises accounts for 89%,  with VND 4,885 billion. In terms of workforce size, Top 10 IT Outsourcing Enterprises also  dominate with a remarkable percentage of 86% (12,665/15,000  IT/software engineers working in 33 award winners).

The Vietnam Outsourcing Excellence Award 2015 is critically important to the IT outsourcing enterprises as it recognizes the achievements this industry have attained over the past 15 years. They proved to get to a higher level of maturity in the industry as well as in Vietnam economy and society. Vietnam Outsourcing Excellence Award 2015 offers opportunities to promote enterprises’ image and brand to potential clients and contribute to make Vietnam a global leading IT service provider in the world.

For the first time a Vietnam ITO/BOP Directory website has been created and sponsored by VNITO The directory will be delivered and updated as promotional materials to international enterprises/associations/organizations in more than 20 countries/territories via Embassies/Consulates/Trade Promotion Centers, and at more than 10 local and international conferences organized by HCA, QTSC, and by members of VNITO Organizing Committee.

Media Contact:

Van Thi Bich Ty – HCA, email:, mobile: (+84) 913945589

Ngoc Hoa – QTSC, email:, mobile: (+84) 982 990 147

 More information about the conference, please visit:



Platinum Sponsors: KMS Technology, DIGI-TEXX, Infonam, GCS, TMA Solutions, HarveyNash, LogiGear.

Gold Sponsors: ISB, LUXOFT, LARION, Waverleysoftware, HP

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Bronze Sponsors: Microsoft, CISCO, BeeSight Soft, Savvycom JSC, Navigos, Success Software Service, Kyanon, TOG Recruitment, VINASOURCE, LHV, Exilesoft, Hanel Soft, Aricent, Vstyle.

Gala Dinner Sponsor:  KMS Technology

Internet Sponsor: Netnam

Research Sponsor: KPMG

Gift Sponsors: Glandore Systems, Asnet, VPBO, Duy Tan, TNET, Success Software Service, Danang Software Park, Blancco

Venue Support Business Partner: The Reverie Saigon

Travel Partner: SaigonMICE

Exclusive Media Research Partner: iSentia

Supporting Partners: Code&More, Cleversoft, IlandApp, My Thanh, Hiệp hội Doanh nghiệp Phần mềm Đà nẵng (DSA), Kyanon Digital

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About Quang Trung Software City (QTSC)

QTSC plays an important role in the Hochiminh City’s plan of economic structure to be expected to boost the development of HCMC’s ICT industry. There are 119 IT companies operating in the software city, many of which are well known in Vietnam and in the world. Loyal and new customers who have been coopertating with QTSC such as: HP, IBM, KDDI, SPS, Luxoft, TMA, Global CyberSoft, Vina Data, DIGI-TEXX… with more than 16,500 employees.

QTSC focuses on expanding chain of software parks based on QTSC brand with 5 software parks in Ho Chi Minh City and a new place for QTSC – Da Lat.

About HCMC Computer Association (HCA)

Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association is the first IT association in Vietnam. Its aim is to propose ICT policies, organize trade promotion activities, provide trade and exchange support to members (individual and community), business matching, exchange information, etc.. to help enterprises to develop better in a sustainable strategy in order to contribute to the overall development of the country. HCA currently has over 1,220 individual members, 256 corporate members with a workforce of more than 20,000 employees; annual revenue of HCA’s members is about 100,000 billion VND. With the motto of “commitment, sharing, cooperation and development”, HCA is willing to accompany ICT enterprises, working closely with partners in and outside the ICT sector, supporting members to maximize their competitive advantages, searching – sharing capabilities, opportunities… to get together on the path of sustainable development of their businesses.

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