Hoang Nam Tien

FPT Software



Since joining FPT in 1993, Mr Tien has developed several strategies that lead to the phenomenal growth of the company. From 1995 to 2012, he had held several key management positions before he became the chairman of FPT Software. Under his effective leadership, FPT Software became a 100 Million Dollar company in 2012 and continued maintaining the annual growth rate of 30%. During his 20 year tenure at FPT, he has made huge contribution to subsidiaries of FPT Corporation and as a leader, he possesses an excellent instinct and respects from employees. Now he is currently in charge of driving FPT Software through the next wave of expansion.

Vietnam – the Cloud factory for the global migration

“Cloud. Big Data. Mobility. Social” – the new technologies that are changing the human life and its supporting businesses. Now the challenge for enterprises worldwide is that “How to move tons of workload from premise to cloud in a fast, reliable and affordable way? How to analyze the big data to improve life and business? ” Why the top global giants in science, in media etc. come to Vietnam for solutions? Because there is an answer.

All session by Hoang Nam Tien

Vietnam software outsourcing – capabilities & competencies

11:30 - 12:00
La Scala Ballroom, Level 5, The Reverie Saigon At Times Square

Panel #2: Why VN. Competitive advantages

14:15 - 15:15
La Scala Ballroom, Level 5, The Reverie Saigon At Times Square